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Using the Lovetuner in Schools to Teach Mindfulness

“If every 8-year-old in the world is taught meditation, we will end violence from the world within one generation.” — Dalai Lama

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a fairly new practice that revolves around the basis of self-soothing and self-control. Mindfulness is often used as a meditation method, stress therapy, and a form of self-improvement. Everyone can benefit from practicing mindfulness from a therapeutic aspect, but it also has specific benefits in regard to performance. Feeding the mind not just information but coping mechanisms and empathy create long-term success and health.

The benefits of mindfulness in students include:

  • Learning your stress and happy triggers
  • Learning how to self-soothe
  • Learning self-control
  • Decreased rates of stress and stress-based aggression
  • Decreased rates of anxiety and depression
  • Decreased self-deprecation regarding perfectionism
  • Increased focus, cognitive ability, and drive
  • Increased academic scores
  • Improved emotional intelligence (ie empathy and resistance to peer pressure)
  • Improved memory

Lovetuner and its place in mindfulness

Check out the video in this article! Children who have used Lovetuner report feelings of peacefulness, grounding, and being transformed to a more relaxed state, taking away the stress of previous events.

Lovetuner is an anxiety whistle that can be worn as a piece of jewelry. Lovetuner plays the love frequency which is the heart of everything. Recommended to use for at least 6 breath cycles, it brings together the power of the love frequency with breathing meditation! Since Lovetuner is a mindfulness tool, to begin with, it includes all of the benefits above as well as:

  • Preventing burnout
  • Strengthened immune system and health
  • Increased lung capacity
  • Finding inner peace through intentional breathing
  • Healing, self-love, and contentedness through the Love frequency
  • Removal of intrusive thoughts
  • Activation of the senses (which will be discussed in Lovetuner techniques for students)
Students Using the Lovetuner in School

How to use Lovetuner as a child’s mindfulness tool

First and foremost, we have an article that discusses using breathing therapy for kids! Check out “Lovetuner The Next Generation” for more guidance! In this article, we’re going to focus on using Lovetuner within the classroom or in a child’s group situation, as well as other general mindfulness techniques.

Color breathing

The color breathing exercise is easy and doesn’t require any materials other than the Lovetuner, though construction paper or popsicle sticks could be used for visuals.

  1. Ask your students to associate a positive feeling to a color — ie, happiness = yellow. Then have them assign a negative feeling to a color — dark blue = sad. If there’s time, you can ask them why they think those colors align with those emotions. Lesson bonus, you can teach some color theory later!
  2. Have them practice taking a deep breath in, and then a deep controlled breath out, to ensure they’re doing their breathing techniques right.
  3. Now, the kids will practice their breathing and colors with Lovetuner. They take a deep inhale in, visualizing their happy color entering their body, and a deep exhale out into Lovetuner, visualizing their negative color leaving them. Use emotion combinations to help them remember!


This activates the senses while also keeping the kids in their seats. This is a good exercise for introducing and learning to use the Lovetuner.

  1. Hand the kids their Lovetuner and ask them to hold it in their palm to observe it. Have the kids write down what they notice about their tuner. The colors, what material they think it is, what shapes are on it, etc.
  2. Have them practice with their tuner. Have them do a practice inhale and exhale. Then, use a series of breaths to practice their tuning. For example, try to have them blow air through the tuner in a rhythm. Then, a long slow exhale. Even a short, hard exhale. Ask them how the pitches change, how it feels to use the tuner in different ways, and which they liked more.
  3. Check the Next Generation article for breathing exercise patterns that kids will like!

Hearing exercise

For getting classes to settle down and refocus. You’ll need a tuner and other instruments that make noise, such as bells or sounding bowls. If you can’t provide a bell, there are phone apps and YouTube videos that have them recorded for this purpose.

  1. When the students hear one of the noises, they have to focus on the noise. They should pay attention to how it sounds, if one ear hears it better than the other, and what that noise makes them feel.
  2. They remain quiet until the noise is completed and the teacher speaks again.
  3. Play all the different sounds and ask them how each one sounds and how each one made them feel!

Lovetuner Marco Polo

This one isn’t so much about mindfulness but will be a fun game to play with your students. Rather than yelling Marco Polo, the children will tune and try to find each other. This is a fun way to create activity and get them winded too!

  1. Using the same rules as group Marco Polo, one student will be “it” while the other students tune. The student that is “it” has to keep their eyes closed and try to grab one of the students that is tuning.
  2. This game is usually for pools, which prevents falling and running. Keep this at a slow pace or -
  3. Teaching echolocation soon? Use the Lovetuner! Students will sit on the floor in a circle, with one in the center, who will pretend they’re a bat looking for insects. The “bat” must keep their eyes closed and listen to the tuners to locate them! Make this extra fun and create a time limit while assigning only a couple or one student with the Lovetuner.

Mindfulness is a necessary tool for students with dozens of benefits. Finding ways to teach mindfulness is a fun, playful manner will help students pick it up even faster. Have other exercise ideas? Tried any of these out? Let us know in the comments!

The Lovetuner is a revolutionary approach to reduce stress, relieve anxiety and arrive in the present moment, connecting your exhale with the power of the 528hz

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