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Mental health has been on the decline and seems to be facing a deep valley in these upcoming generations, perhaps rapidly accelerated by the 2020–2021. Often ignored and brushed off, mental illness affects 1 in 5 people! However, everyone deals with life events that are difficult. Some amount of mental illness starts out as a fairly standard stressor, and through mismanagement or loss of control may turn to chronic stress, eventually becoming anxiety and depression. Learning coping mechanisms and the signs of mental illness, or even the signs of oncoming mental illness, can help us better regulate ourselves, friends, and…

I tune to achieve an altered state rapidly in which it is possible to:

  • reduce stress
  • prevent burnout
  • strengthen your immune system
  • increase your lung volume
  • improve your health
  • find inner peace through repetitive breathing
  • arrive in the here and now

Other experiences can also be stimulated and strengthened through tuning:

  • increasing awareness
  • letting go of pointless thoughts and anxiety
  • moving from the head to the heart
  • getting to know a simple meditation tool
  • letting go, relaxing and finding balance
  • increasing concentration levels and much more…

If you haven’t noticed all of the rainbows where you live, you might be living under a rock. June is Pride Month, when LGBTQIA+ people celebrate their history and as allies we honor their struggles. Do you know the reasons why Pride exists though? As with most events like this, the roots are pretty dark and the rainbow is the antithesis. That is why we try to commemorate and celebrate those who are able to live their truths now, and make space for more to do so.

On June 28th, 1969, the Stonewall Riots began. Police raided a bar frequented…

How did you celebrate International Children’s Day? Every June 1st since the day’s inauguration in 1949 has been dedicated by the United Nations to the well-being of children. Children have the right to grow up with safety, protection, comfort, and access to education and medical care. That is the whole intention behind the movement, and it’s one that we at Lovetuner can stand in unison with.

What can we do to provide more for our children? While many of us think about giving things, such as food or toys, we sometimes forget about the emotional resources that children need. …

Overcome the devils with a thing called love.

– Bob Marley

The Lovetuner Foundation is a non-profit organization (C 501status) that empowers individuals and communities to heal through breathing, frequency, and vibration.

The Lovetuner Foundation’s main focus is in the educational sector as we strive to inspire mindfulness in the next generation. Since 2018 we have been supporting institutional programs like the Pure Edge Foundation, where “educate the educator” is a program already in place. Currently, over 25,000 teachers in US public schools are using the Lovetuner with their students. Our company and the LovetunerTeamriders are supporting community programs and teaching mindfulness with the Lovetuner in schools since 2014.

Besides the educational sector, the Lovetuner Foundation focuses on veterans and suicide prevention.

Seeking life balance, becoming a better and happier person, and discovering our life’s path are all one never-ending, fantastic journey. This journey is a blessed one; one that lays the foundation for personal healing. Lovetuner is a wonderful tool for opening that path and supporting the road to healing, but is not the ending but rather the beginning of the journey to the wellbeing of mind, body, and spirit. No matter where you might be on your life’s path, Lovetuner is a way to get there, as a support and facilitator of personal healing and power.

What makes the Lovetuner…

At Lovetuner, one of our favorite days of the year comes on May 21. It’s World Meditation Day, when we celebrate training our brains to develop a healthy sense of perspective and calm. If you’re new to meditation, then after the year we’ve had, maybe it’s time to get started!

One of the most popular forms of meditation is mindfulness, being conscious of what’s going on within and outside of ourselves, at every moment. Mindfulness alleviates anxiety and helps to reduce stress, by helping you learn to stay with difficult feelings without analyzing, suppressing, or encouraging them. …

Living in the now is something we often take for granted. Stopping to smell the roses, appreciating the little things, celebrating small victories… it’s not something we do too often. Especially as our world becomes busier and full of extra stressors via work or internet or global health.

The general modern population often reports feelings of emptiness and apathy, and like they’re constantly operating on autopilot. Many people find that they spend all day working, nights cleaning and cooking, and weekends on other errands that couldn’t get done in the week. …


The Lovetuner is a revolutionary approach to reduce stress, relieve anxiety and arrive in the present moment, connecting your exhale with the power of the 528hz

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